Participation Agreement

Climbers Participation Agreement


This English version of the Japanese Climbers Participation Agreement is provided for reference purposes only. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Japanese version, the Japanese version shall prevail.

This Participation Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") sets forth the procedures, precautions, compliance matters, and handling of personal information obtained in relation to participation in the event (hereinafter referred to as "the Event") organized by Sansan Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "the Organizer") as specified in Article 1.1.

Article 1 Structure of the Event

  1. The Event is comprised of the following distinct activities:
    1. Climbers 2024
    2. Climbers Startup JAPAN EXPO 2024
    3. Climbers Startup JAPAN FUNDeal 2024
    4. Climbers Reskilling DAYS 2024
  2. By submitting an application for this Event, participants are eligible to attend all of the aforementioned individual activities. However, specific individual activities may require additional procedures after application, depending on the method of participation and the nature of each event.

Article 2 Application for Participation in the Event

  1. The Event operates on a pre-registration basis. Individuals wishing to participate in the Event (hereinafter referred to as "Participants") must complete an application for participation (hereinafter referred to as "Application") in accordance with the procedures outlined on the Event's website (hereinafter referred to as "the Site"). This application process includes the provision of the Participant's name, contact information, and other details as required by the Organizer (hereinafter referred to as "Registration Information") via a designated application form. The Organizer bears no responsibility for any damages resulting from incorrect or inaccurate Registration Information provided by the Participant.
  2. An Application is deemed valid upon the successful completion of the application process as specified by the Organizer.
  3. Applications for the Event shallbe made by the Participants themselves.No third party may apply for the Event on behalf of a Participant.
  4. Should any changes be required to the Application details after submission, Participants shall promptly perform the necessary procedures as specified by the Organizer.
  5. The Organizer assumes no liability for any damages incurred by the applicant or any third party due to inaccuracies or errors in the information provided by the Participant at the time of Application or during subsequent changes to the Application details.
  6. The Event is primarily intended for business matchmaking and discussions. Non-business persons and persons under 18 years of age are not permitted to apply. Provided however, those under 18 (excluding pre-school-aged children) who intend to study or practice business may attend only if accompanied by parents or gurdians. In these cases, separate applications for the guardians are also required.
  7. Participants will be offered various surveys or diagnostics (hereinafter referred to as "Surveys, etc.") during the Event. The Organizer will utilize the responses to these Surveys, etc., in accordance with Article 13 to provide recommendation services and other offerings at the Event. Participants acknowledge that if they choose not to respond to these Surveys, etc., they may be unable to utilize certain services offered by the Organizer that are based on responses to these Surveys, etc.
  8. Should there be any amendments to the terms of this Agreement, the Organizer will display the details of such changes and their effective date on the Site in advance. Unless there is an express objection from the Participant prior to the effective date, such changes shall be deemed to have been accepted by the Participant.

Article 3 Participation in Climbers Startup JAPAN FUNDeal 2024

  1. If Participants choose to take part in Climbers Startup JAPAN FUNDeal 2024 (hereinafter referred to as "FUNDeal"), Perticipants shall apply to FUNDeal with the consent that their Registration Information will be displayed on a website exclusively accessible to other FUNDeal Participants (hereinafter referred to as "FUNDeal Site", and Participants in FUNDeal are hereinafter referred to as “FUNDeal Perticipants”).
  2. The process of matching Participants within FUNDeal will be conducted bypartner companies (listed on the Site) entrusted by the Organizer.
  3. The Organizer may disclose information such as the company name, department, position, address, personal name, and contact details of FUNDeal Participants to the aforementioned partnercompanies in accordance with the Organizer's policy on handling personal information.
  4. Information including company name, department, position, personal name, telephone number, and details registered in the FUNDeal profile will be made available on the FUNDeal Site, which is accessible exclusively to FUNDeal Participants.

Article 4 Utilization of Event Participation Services

  1. In order ot participate in this Event, Participants may be required to register with event participation services specified by the Organizer(including but not limited to the Eight Service, the Meets Service, hereinafter collectively referred to as "Event Participation Services"). In such instances, each Participant is required to have an individual account for the Event Participation Services (hereinafter referred to as "Participation Account"). It is expressly prohibited for a single Participation Account to be used by multiple Participants for participating in or viewing the Event.

Article 5 Payment of Participation Fees

  1. In the event that the Participant applies for a plan (hereinafter referred to as “Paid Plans”) that require s a participation fee (hereinafter referred to as “Participation Fee”), the Participant shall pay the Participation Fee using the payment method specified by the Organizer on the Site.
  2. The obligation to pay the Participation Fee is incurred when the application for the Paid Plan is completed. This payment obligation is binding and is not subject to waiver or refund by the Organizer even if the Participant later opts not to attend the Event or changes their participation tier after their initial application.

Article 6 Prohibition of Resale

  1. The participation rights in the Event is non-transferable and may not be resold, except with the explicit permission of the Organizer. The following actions are strictly prohibited:
    1. Reselling or attempting to resell the participation rights to a third party for profit.
    2. Reselling or attempting to resell the participation rights at a price higher than listed on the Site.
    3. Engaging in or attempting to engage in the resale of the participation rights through auctions or online auction platforms.
    4. Providing participation rights to a third party for the purpose of facilitating any of the resale activities described in the preceding clauses.
  2. In the event of a breach ofArticle 6.1, the Organizer reserves the right to invalidate the participant's application and deny access to the Event. Should such a breach be discovered after participation has begun, the Organizer may require the participant to leave the Event. Under no circumstances will the Organizer be held responsible for actions taken in response to such violations.

Article 7 Conduct and Obligations of Participants

  1. Participants are required to adhere to the following guidelines during their participation in the Event:
    1. All participants shallcomply with this Agreement and adhere to any instructions issued by the Organizer.
    2. For verification purposes, the Organizer may request participants to present appropriate identification, such as business cards.
    3. Any form of defamation, aggressive behavior, discriminatory or prejudicial actions, irrelevant business solicitation, or any other illegal or disruptive conduct towards Event staff, fellow participants, or speakers is prohibited
    4. Intellectual Property Rights associated with the Event, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, design rights, patent rights, utility model rights, and know-how, are owned by the Organizer and are protected under relevant laws. Participants are prohibited from copying, republishing, altering, translating, adapting, distributing, transmitting publicly, making available, lending, transferring, or licensing any content without prior authorization from the Organizer.
    5. Participants may receive novelty items, product samples, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "Novelty Items") from the Organizer or the Event’s exhibitors and sponsors. Participants are responsible for adhering to their respective organization's ethical standards and guidelines when accepting these items.
    6. Unless expressly permitted by the Organizer, photography, recording, filming, and online streaming (hereinafter referred to as "Recording Activities") are prohibited at the Event, including during presentations and exhibitions. The Organizer may demand the immediate cessation of such activities and the deletion of any unauthorized recordings.
  2. For Event management purposes, the Organizer may collect data on Participants' visits to exhibition booths or their attendance at presentations. Such data will be handled as personal information in accordance with Article 13.
  3. During the Event, Participants' Registration Information may be visible to exhibitors, and Participants may receive booth visit requests or opportunities for interaction with other Participants or speakers. Participants shall engage in these interactions at their own risk, and the Organizer disclaims all responsibility for any disputes or issues arising from such interactions.
  4. The Event may provide opportunities for business matchmaking or business negotiations with exhibitors, speakers, or other Participants. Participants are responsible for any transactions resulting from these interactions, and the Organizer is not liable for any disputes arising therefrom. The Organizer does not guarantee the success of these business matching or business negotioations and will not issue refunds for lack of successful outcomes.
  5. The Organizer reserves the right to remove any participant from the venue hosting the Event (hereinafter, “Event Venue”) or deny access to the Event or any sessions if they disrupt the order of the Event or fail to comply with any instructions issued by the Organizer.

Article 8 Attendance at the Event Venue

  1. In attending the Event at the Event venue, Participants shall agree to the following conditions:
    1. Participants are responsible for their own safety and well-being while at the Event venue. The Organizer assumes no liability for accidents, injuries, illnesses, theft, or loss occurring on or around the premises.
    2. Images or footage of participants may be captured during the recording or broadcasting of the Event. The Organizer will use and handle such images or footage according to the stipulations of Article 13.
  2. Entrance to the Event venue requires an admission pass issued by the Organizer (hereinafter referred to as "Participation Pass"). Participants may be required to present their business cards to obtain their Participant Pass.
  3. Each Participation Pass is valid for the use of one individual and only for the duration of the Event. Participants are strictly prohibited from transferring or lending the Participation Pass to others.
  4. Participants are not permitted to bring pre-school children or any third party who has not completed registration in accordance with Article 2.
  5. Participants attending the Event at the Event Venue must agree to comply with the following COVID-19 safety measures:
    1. Observing appropriate hand hygiene, including hand sanitization and handwashing, as well as ventilation practices.
    2. Observing cough etiquette, such as covering the face when coughing.
    3. Wearing masks in scenarios deemed effective for preventing infection, such as during conversations or in crowded spaces.
    4. Entry is prohibited for individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 or who exhibit symptoms such as a fever, cough, or breathing difficulties. In such cases, please refrain from attending the Event.
  6. Regarding food and beverages at the venue, participants agree to:
    1. Abstain from consuming alcohol if under 20 years of age or if intending to operate vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and bicycles.
    2. The Organizer disclaims responsibility for any harm or disputes resulting from the consumption of food and beverages at the Event venue.

Article 9 Participant-Initiated Cancellation

  1. Should a participant choose not to attend the Event for his/her own reasons despite successful registration as per Article 2, the Organizer is under no obligation to refund any participation fees or bear any other responsibilities.

Article 10 Changes to or Cancellation of the Event and/or Presentations

  1. Details of the Event and presentations are based on information available at the time of publication and are subject to change without prior notice.
  2. The Event, including any presentations or related activities, may be wholly or partially postponed or canceled. Details of presentations and the identity of the speakers are also subject to change. In such cases, the Organizer will not provide refunds or accept any related liabilities. Participants are expected to acknowledge and accept these possibilities in advance.
  3. The Organizer disclaims all responsibility towards applicants and participants if the Event, in part or in whole, must be canceled due to force majeure or circumstances beyond the Organizer's control. Such factors may include, but are not limited to, natural disasters, severe weather conditions, earthquakes, power outages, fires, labor disputes, public disturbances, epidemics, supplier defaults, changes in laws and regulations, as well as ordinances, rules, notifications, administrative directives, and other forms of guidance from governments, relevant authorities, or municipal bodies, problems arising from services provided by telecommunications or other third parties, transportation issues, or any other circumstances beyond reasonable management. This clause also covers situations where the Organizer is compelled to cancel the Event.
  4. The scheduled start times for the Event and its presentations are approximate and may be adjusted based on situational requirements or other factors.

Article 11 Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces

  1. Applicants and Participants affirm that they are not, and will not be, associated with any antisocial groups or elements. This includes, but is not limited to, members of organized crime, individuals within five years of leaving such organizations, quasi-members, related companies, corporate racketeers, groups engaging in criminal activities under the pretext of conducting social campaigns, or crime groups specialized in intellectual crimes, and any other entity similar thereto (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Organized Crime Elements"). The Organizer reserves the right to reject or revoke any application without prior notice if an applicant or participant is found to have any association with an antisocial force, as characterized by the following criteria:
    1. Association with Organized Crime Elements exercising control or influence over the individual or their affiliated entities.
    2. Involvement where Organized Crime Elements are deemed to be substantially involved in the management of the individual or their affiliated entities.
    3. Utilization of Organized Crime Elements for the purpose of gaining unfair profit for oneself, one’s company, or a third party, or for causing harm to a third party.
    4. Provision of funds, benefits, or other forms of assistance to Organized Crime Elements.
    5. Having any socially reprehensible relationship with Organized Crime Elements by a director or any person substantially involved in the management of the individual or their affiliated entities.
  2. Applicants and Participants commit not to engage in, nor involve third parties in, activities such as:
    1. Violent demands
    2. Unjust demands that exceed legal liability
    3. Making threatening statements or using violence in business dealings
    4. Undertaking actions that damage the reputation or business of others, such as spreading false rumors, impairing the counterparty's creditworthiness through fraudulent means or force, or obstructing another party's business operations
    5. Engaging in any other activities similar to those listed above.

Article 12 Governing Law and Exclusive Jurisdiction

  1. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. The parties agree that the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court, as appropriate based on the amount of the claim, will serve as the exclusive court of first instance for all disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement or the Event.

Article 13 Handling of Personal Information Related to the Event and Event Participation Services

  1. The personal information collected via the Site or through Event Participation Services, as well as the personal information provided on the day of the Event, will be processed in accordance with the Organizer's established policy for handling personal information. This policy is available at []. The personal information provided to exhibitors or directly obtained by exhibitors shall be handled in accordance with the privacy policy stipulated by each exhibitor.